• Clerk 职位描述:

    Have good communication and coordination ability and team spirit, bold but cautious, honest and prudent.




    1, responsible for the wiring of the company's telephone switchboard. Answer the correct, sound, sound, amiable voice, proper use of politeness, and give a timely message to the record of the failure to contact; the emergency telephone can not be put through, and the administrative manager of the quick report.

    2, responsible for computer typing, photocopying and other administrative work.

    3, the office software will be manipulate skillfully.

    4, responsible for the inspection of the whole office area after work, check doors and windows, water power supply, computer power and so on, shut down and record.

    5, complete the other matters of the superior leaders.

    6. The people who understand the drawing software are preferred.

  • Sale 职位描述:

    1. understand the company's product information

    2., publish information through mobile phone computer to promote and publicize, do not need to go out to run business, and have professionals to teach.

    3. mining potential customers and analyzing the customer's real needs

    4. patiently and meticulously reply to the customer's consultation

    5. do a good job of your usual statistical records




    1. typing more than 40 words per minute

    2., we will use basic office software, such as word, Excel and so on.

    3. honesty, patience, perseverance, and obedience to the company

    A two-day probation period, one month after probation, and five risks after conversion. Those who perform better can be transferred to the front office in advance without overtime work, and the combined salary is more than 5000 yuan. We look forward to your joining!