Key points of selecting PVC insulation outer shell

2018-03-19 14:00:42 582

PVC insulation shell, because of its own products, is very popular with the public, so what are the key points when we choose the insulation outer shell to protect the products.

1, it is required that there are no toxic and thermal insulation materials for human body.

2, has 100% waterproof and moisture-proof effect of lightweight insulation material, completely closed, not wet, no water absorption.

3, the material is not deformed, and it is easy to cut and process. The compression ability can reach 0.6Mpa (4) chemical stability and corrosion protection. Even if buried in the ground, it has a certain anti damage effect for the animals and insects of the teeth.

4, it is not affected by the environment. Even in extremely cold or insolation conditions, it does not affect its service life.

The use of thermal insulation products can effectively reduce the energy consumption of building heating, and is conducive to the protection of the environment.